A trip to the forbidden city

Posted by Admin | 28 Oct 2021

Beijing is already the world's most popular tourist place. But there's something exciting about Beijing more than just it's temples, modern city and wonderful tourist packages. There's a human condition to love and crave for forbidden things. And there is a place in Beijing called Forbidden city, spread across 72 hectares of land. This lies exactly in the center of Imperial Beijing. The forbidden city has many buildings, temples and a palace of heavenly purity which is a place of wonderful construction, and it is almost evident why it was kept forbidden to common citizens earlier.
The forbidden splendor

There are nearly 900 buildings inside the forbidden city. When this was the capital city of the imperial kingdom, this entire land was locked and forbidden for the commoners and only the royals lived inside. They have constructed the buildings inside with a lot of expensive resources and design. The design and architecture of the forbidden city exhibits the imperial culture of China. There are many ancient temples, artifacts and scriptures inside the forbidden city.
Built entirely of marble, there is a palace inside the forbidden city, and it is an eye candy. One can't' just move their eyes away if they look at this splendor of construction. And complementing its aesthetic value, it is famously known as a palace of heavenly purity. With many beliefs that royal families are of high decree closer to god, it is believed that the palaces are of higher virtue. And thus this palace of heavenly purity is regarded as the place for the most virtuous and pure royal family.
The walls, roof and terraces of these buildings are something quite exquisite and constructed in a thematic fashion. The theme of this architecture represents the time it was constructed, i.e, early 15th century. The culture of imperial kingdoms and dynasties in the early 15th century of royal decrees and virtuous sentiments is clearly visible in the art and aesthetic here. UNESCO declared the forbidden city as a cultural heritage spot in 1987, and now it is open for all of us to witness the wonder.

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