China hosts a steel Wing Coaster

Posted by Admin | 9 Mar 2022

The Chimelong Ocean Kingdom of Zhuhai, China hosts a steel Wing Coaster that is a recent addition to the park. The 'Parrot Roller Coaster' can go very high up the sky and at certain times, a view of the entire mega park can be seen in a panoramic scope. You can see our host Karuna in terrific mood while the Coaster goes into a spiral, entering tunnel, a water splash and finally to the exit. The ride is said to be similar to the popular rides across the world and it gives an indication the organizers in the park don't want to make the visitors experience anything new or unfamiliar.

Vomit bin is available at the exit from Coaster seat for people with nauseous aftermath or motion sickness. Of course our professional crew didn't need them, it's a formality and necessity for others that require them.

Please use the comments section below to let us know your thoughts on the coaster ride and the host experiences the danger and fun.

Built by the famous Swiss manufacturer Bolliger & Mabillard, the coaster is the longest and the fastest Wing coaster in the world. There are four seats in every row for the passengers. The popular Chimelong Parrot coaster is modeled with a parrot body in mind as the head is of a parrot representation and the body is part green and part red in color similar to a real life parrot. The train track is entirely in green. As host Karuna gets down the coaster, she has awesome things to say about the experience for you to know and do it at your own time and leisure.

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