Cultural tourism and Brook Farm

Posted by Admin | 12 Nov 2021

We have heard of cultural tourism and how it's more important for a tourist to explore and understand different kinds of culture for broadening one's pluralist views. Many visit Paris to broaden their pluralistic views they have towards culture and communities. Many historic places were communes and experimental societies that tested and practiced idealistic and utopian philosophies of sharing work together. Many have found great communes which supported themselves financially and socially. If you are into such cultural tourist places that signify human unity and bring out transcendental meanings of our social lives, Brook farms is the place you should visit.

Brook farm, a tourist destination for transcendentalism

If you are into international tourism and are craving to witness some experimental villages, communes and communities, book your next flight to Boston and visit Brook farm. Now standing as a Brook farm agricultural institution, brook farm was founded on ideals of transcendentalism by Mr. Ripley. It was an experimental society based on socialist and communalist ideologies. Ripley believed that people can share work, profit and leisure for an intellectual purpose. The farm was opened for people who would invest in the building of this society. When they invest in it, they own a share in the profit made by this farm.
Interesting thing about this farm was that every investor is a worker here. Ripley had rich utopian ideas about sharing works, profits and living in a harmonious society. In this society they all work for a common purpose, i.e, the well-being of the society and they as individuals work equally, share equally and spend their leisure for intellectual and artistic purposes of their own tastes. With such communalist ideas in their mind, they formed this beautiful society around 1841 but soon, the changing markets in the world made it hard for the society to withstand the financial blows. Society soon failed and everyone went back to their lives. But every individual who lived there shared only beautiful things about it. This wonderful experimental farm land has then turned into an orphanage and slowly an agricultural institution of the state. But still, it is regarded as one of the historic places that signifies unity, prosperity and fraternity shared by all individuals and how with unity we can fight financial blows together.
This tourist destination stands top of the list when you look at cultural tourism of transcendentalism. Many societies have formed inspired by this historic event and experience of the brook farm. Many tourists also interested in adventure tourism roam around and witness this brook farm to mark their journey with something spiritual, utopian and intellectual in its essence. One of the community buildings still remains and stands strong. Such is the work of humans when united.

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