Explore the beautiful Provence

Posted by Admin | 14 Oct 2021

Provence is a geographical region located in the south of France. It has historical background towards the kingdom of French people and their different dynasties. The history of humans at Provence dates back to 1 million year BCE being one of the oldest inhabited places, Provence is still one of the wonderful places to visit, see and stay for a pleasant vacation. There is also evidence and tracks of Neolithic people staying in Provence. What is wonderful is the fact that there are even tracks of Greeks establishing their stay in Provence.
Exploring Provence
Being the borderline of southern France, Provence lies at the edge of Italy, Spain, and it's evident that the influence of all the European countries has craved deep into Provence. In the Roman period, the influence of Christianity, the Renaissance, and the era of French Revolution and the reign of Napoleon, Provence witnessed and has had active participation in human affairs since 1 million BCE.
The most wonderful thing about Provence is the art. Being in the south of Provence, it has a main contribution in shaping France into one of the artistic places in the world. The proofs of paintings, carvings and artistry began from prehistoric times in Provence. And being a hilly area, the architecture of Provence has a separate chapter to study about. The houses are located stepwise with rocks and the entire hills look like wonderful castles. Many of such historic constructions are still present in Provence. Provence has always been a place of writers, poets, authors and revolutionaries.
A visit to Provence is a visit to the past of humans in western civilization. It is no wonder now if I said that the very first film screened was in Provence. This region in the south of France proves to be at the heart of world advancements and a marking on the history of human advancements and accomplishments. Visiting such a spectacular place that signifies the growth of all mankind, would not just be an aesthetic tour, but a conquest of spiritual and historical nature.

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