Great Pyramids of Giza, the tomb of Khufu

Posted by Admin | 2 Nov 2021

Giza city is the second-largest city of Egypt after Cairo and is the 4th largest in all of Africa. This place of Egypt records the hottest of temperatures and has the oldest relics from past civilizations. It's as if they have constructed these pyramids so that the Pharaoh Khufu never dies even in remembrance. Because everyone who visits the great pyramids of Giza learns about Khufu and other tombs. It's the most honorable way to respect the dead. We can safely say, Khufu, got the biggest of honors ever for a human being in the entire history of time.

Giza city, ancient and modern

Modern day Giza is not-so-ancient and like they show in the movie Mummy. Giza is pretty modern and is up-to the mark to meet the global standards of the 21st century. But what's miraculous about Giza city is the land of pyramids in the heart of the modern city. It's almost like a combination of the oldest thing in the world and the most modern one together. Looking at the pyramid of Khufu, or the great pyramids of Giza from the top of a modern building from Giza feels so cathartic.
We can trace the oldest of historical records to the Greek historian Herodotus, as he was the first one to talk about the pyramids of Giza. Herodotus writes about the pyramids of Giza as if they were ruins and ancient too. This means that it is safe to assume that for a fifth century BCE historian (Herodotus) it's still a ruin dated back to at least two thousand years. The pyramid, according to these historical accounts and carbon dating, belongs to 2600-2500 BCE.
Another wonderful and peculiar thing about the great pyramids of Giza is that we can find some graffiti inscribed on some rocks inside and outside. These inscriptions are as old as the pyramids and are mostly graffiti done by the workers. According to the graffiti and other stonemason experiments, we can safely say that it took 27 years to build this pyramid and hundreds of thousands of laborers. Not just the construction, but the massive amount of laborers, their food, their needs and their unity to build this thing still remains as one of the greatest wonders that humans could achieve even after 3 millennia.
As you are there witnessing the relics of ancient times, you should not miss the other pyramids which were constructions and projects of the sons of Khufu. And at the entrance of the complex of pyramids in Giza, there is a peculiar anthropomorphic animal built. It is called the sphinx of Giza. The sphinx of Giza, although appearing small in front of the pyramids, is one of the largest human constructions, that too, in a particular shape and face. The Sphinx of Giza stands as the guardian of the complex of pyramids and welcomes you to watch these wonders of the past.

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