History of Blue Mosque, Iran

Posted by Admin | 26 Oct 2021

Tabriz, Iran, is famous for the blue mosque. Many of the travelers think the blue mosque is an exaggerated name, but not really. The blue tiles that were used to construct this artistic Masjid were damaged in a heavy earthquake. But there are many tiles standing still on the walls. One must understand that it was these tiles that made this place a blue mosque. But this blue Masjid is not just famous for its architecture, art, and blue. It has a deep-down story, and it is this story behind the blue mosque that attracts tourists and travelers all across the world.
The history of the Blue Mosque

The blue mosque was constructed by Jahan Shah and his wife, but soon they were overruled, and now the new rulers took control over this mosque. Completing this construction took a lot of time because it had to be precise and so detailed. The scriptures and designs in the interior part of the mausoleum are so finely crafted that one would be amazed to witness its craftsmanship. This mosque witnessed different empires, rulers, and different cultures. And as it was in construction for a long time for a different period, the change of builders is evident in its design and architecture.
Many things changed, but the reverence that people held towards this mosque never changed, and that reverence is why the mosque still stands today. Even after the take-over of the Ottoman Empire, the structure still stood and worshiped equally. But in the late 19th century, some people from Tabriz looted these ruins of the blue mosque. The mystery that still echoes at this mosque is if it was the locals that destroyed the tiles, or was it the robbers?
Some proofs do say that it is because of the 1798 earthquake, but the evidence is not low. It took many decades for the ministry of Iran to recognize this site as heritage, and they began reconstructing this splendor. Buildings as old as this mosque, echo the stories they carry with them all along the halls. Do you want to experience this sands of time? Go, traveler!

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