Incredible India

Posted by Admin | 6 Oct 2021

Incredible India is a tourist campaign set up by the Ministry of Indian tourism and travels. Since 2002, the prominence and recognition of tourism in India have increased. Tourism is one of the most resourceful sources of income for India. Being a cultural heritage and a civilization as old as the Egyptians, India inherits wonderful diversity in geography, culture, weather and many other aspects.
Because of this wonderful campaign by the ministry of India, tourism in India has increased a lot and this has become the most successful travel campaign ever done in Asia. With the rise of new age spiritual revolution, many western travellers sought philosophies and religions from the east. India being home to multiple and equally ancient cultures and religions, it became home for hippie travellers and also the ones with a spiritual quest.
The campaign
The campaign was a wonderful success because after the campaign the data reveals that the entire amount of money spent by the tourists in India sums up to $372 million, which is a huge amount as it was in 2005. The campaign successfully ran its course till 2013 which is outstanding and unimaginable for a campaign to run. With this campaign at hand, the ministry of tourism in India made sure that tourism is one of the high-end markets in the Indian economy.
Launching with esteemed actor Aamir Khan, the use of the slogan "athidhi devo bhava" (guests are divine-like), has further pushed the Incredible India campaign and boosted tourism. The sole purpose of that sub-campaign was to promote healthy communication between natives and travellers. The ministry has chosen wonderful taglines, slogans, and initiatives to promote healthy tourism in India and educate natives about their manners towards the guests.
The campaign ran its course and for its successful running of more than a decade, the slogan "Incredible India" has now become a household term that natives use while addressing India. Incredible has become synonymous with India to all the dear travellers, tourists, and natives.

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