Ruins of Vietnam

Posted by Admin | 23 Oct 2021

Vietnam is one popular place in the eadtern part of the world. The history of colonial era and the wars fought msde Vietnam struggle, but it made Vietnam a place of diverse cultures. Vietnam, like many other eastern countries, is a place of spiritual conquest. The monks, monasteries and the ancient kingdom ruins, and temples lift the entire vibe of this country to a different realm. So much that the very presence of this place makes one feel serene. There are many places to visit in Vietnam and Vietnam tourism is one of the secure and smart industries here.
Vietnam tourist attractions and Ruins
Preah Khan is one of the ancient ruins still standing in the center of Vietnam. There are many such ancient constructions that still stand and portray times of kingdoms and culture. The terrace of elephants in Vietnam is one such place where the building has stone shaped in the shape of elephants and their trunks. Vietnam tourism is a ride into the ruins of bizarre, unique and exotic architecture of ancient times.
The most peculiar thing about these ruins is that they are not all made at the same time. Not just time, but some belong to different cultures and religions. Each cultural architecture of a different period complements the already present constructions. This is one of the interesting things to observe when you roam in the ruins of Vietnam. Some temples have Hindu symbols on them, while some have different local cultural symbols. And some temples even display mythos of Tamil and Sri Lanka.
In the lush green land, graying ruins and the rainforests, ruins of Vietnam will take you back in time and space. It is an obvious reaction to be lost in some different spiritual realm while witnessing these highly revered ruins of Vietnam.

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