State of the art services and best of the facilities, Fernhill Resort, Chail, Himachal

Himachal Pradesh Duration: 39 sec

Nature Raga Ferhill resorts in the mountain town Chail of Himachal Pradesh offers best of the facilities and luxurious treatment when we choose to plan a trip to the place. Arranged over four floors and a convenient 24 hour check-in, there's not many other reasons to not choose the hotel during the trip.

The hotel has clearly quoted 'Awesome view of snow-capped mountains of Churdhar also known as Chor Chandni, with pristine surroundings, complete solitude and a Luxurious treatment'. They also quote 'Get away from the maddening crowd and indulge yourselves in the magical surroundings.'

Basically the place is located at the perfect place to rest for a day or two, and the resort makes sure you have a thrilling stay with fresh air coming in to your room, a stunning view of the mountains around and rest with a peace of mind away from all the noisy towns and cities down. Book your rooms today for your holiday trip.

We visited the place along with our host Karuna Bhushan, to get a hind sight view of the snow capped mountains surrounding the resort and we must say we all enjoyed the stay and are hopeful of re visiting the hotel due to the excellent services that were provided.

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