The Majestic Chail Palace has all that you need for a trip on top of the hill

Himachal Pradesh
The Majestic Chail Palace has all that you need for a trip on top of the hill

Situated in the mountains of Chail town, some 50km from the capital city Shimla of Himachal Pradesh, the Chail Palace is a very popular stay house for weekends, honeymoons and family trip. The palace looks majestic and the luxurious amenities make it even more attractive to book a stay.

Chail Palace was King Bhupinder Singh's main residence after he was ousted from Shimla by the British ruling, the wit with which the King built this palace is an example of sheer determination and it stands a perfect answer to the monotonous and ruthless regime of the latter. The palace is being maintained in very similar terms as to how it was during it's early days. The Government had taken over in the 70s and are making sure it stays a popular destination for tourists which it has become now. Pack your bags immediately to have a look for yourself and stay for your weekends or whatever you had planned.

The Palace unsurprisingly has a royal feeling to it without a contemporary design and offers an excellent choice of accommodation, with emphasis on guest's comfort. It was built in 1891, but offers you different tariffs for wide variety of cottages, suite rooms and others. Surely standing out amongst every hotel in Chail, the heritage Palace offers fine infrastructure, log huts, an independent orchard, children's park and sports arena for lawn tennis or badminton spreading over 70 acres in it's entirety.

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