Manali, Himachal Pradesh has a very distinct heritage and history

Himachal Pradesh
Manali, Himachal Pradesh has a very distinct heritage and history

Modern Manali is a landscape developed by the British rulers of India before 1948. It was specially created for taking shelter from the heats of the Summer. The apple gardens and orchards were also planted by them to suffice their need for protein. Even though after Independence and modernization of the area, the local culture and traditions have been unaffected and we can still see the beautiful and colorful tribal life style flourishing in the region.

Manali name has been believed to be descended from it's creator, Manu in Hindu mythology, who, as legend says, ordered Varvasvata, the Noah of the east, to build an ark during the great flood, and as the flood resided, Varvasvata stepped out, began the life from the very place. "The abode of Manu" is what is "Manali", and this is still believed by the inhabitants of the area. During the British rule, this area was called as the princely state "Mandi", and after Independence from them, the Indian Government had merged it with the country.

Manali is a hill top which leads to Leh of Jammu & Kashmir. The famous Beas river flows right adjacent through the town. It is believed to be a popular place for tourists, sporting events and festivals. River rafting and para gliding are one of the most popular down here for enthusiasts. The Hadimba Devi fair, Basant Panchami are some of the festivals which are give the tourists a lot to enjoy.

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