Plan your trip to Manali if you're longing for an adventure family vacation

Himachal Pradesh
Plan your trip to Manali if you're longing for an adventure family vacation

Manali, Himachal is a very popular and top tourist destination in all of Northern India. Located around 550 kilometers away from New Delhi, and situated on the banks of river Beas, Manali not only is enchanting for a panoramic view of the mountains, but is primarily known a fun filled destination for various adventure vacation, activities and sports for kids and elders alike.

Some of the few adventures one can experience are para gliding, skiing, hiking, trekking and rock climbing available during different seasons. There are quite a few trek camps and targets for you to choose if you are eager to do it. Once you reach the place, you will be presented with a plethora of guides and companies that can help set up your Manali trekking trip. You can also do river rafting in Manali, however it's only available during monsoons. Another less adventurous, but fun activity is the paddle boating near Hidimba temple which is one of the important temples around Manali. The valleys of Kullu are generally called the 'Valley of Gods' and Manali extends it's heritage.

Some of the must see temples are Maa Sharvari, Gauri Shankar, Hadimba and the Krishna Temple at Thava. Manali also is home for many waterfalls like Rozy falls, Rahala and Jana Falls. Manali adventures must be avoided during rainy seasons for obvious reasons as the terrain can get slippery and easy to fall or lose control. Manali regular tourists consist of Tibetan, Nepalis, Westerners and it is usually a buzzing town.

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