Snow covered mountains, Snow scooters to have fun in Rohtang Pass

Himachal Pradesh
Snow covered mountains, Snow scooters to have fun in Rohtang Pass

Rohtang Pass is a steep point in the Himalayan ranges and is essentially a bridge between the north and south regions of the mountains in Himachal Pradesh state of India. The pass used to be a trade route amongst the locals, and is still a link between two distinct cultures in the area. Rohtang pass is totally covered in snow during winters and is impossible to visit, however in the months from May to August, it is open for an adrenaline pumping adventures only the people who watched it and experienced can tell you. By the time you reach the pass, you'll be welcomed with people selling snow kits and winter wear, as it's still cool in that area during that time. The skiing kits are pretty inexpensive, and careful selection by following a guide is a better choice.

Along with skiing, the Snow scooter adventure will enthrall adults and kids alike, as it's a motor vehicle that will not make you drive it with force like skiing. It's around 1 to 2 km ride which you can do it yourself or ask a trainer to help you ride. The scooters are pretty normal powered with emphasis on comfort safety and rugged snow covered terrain, so you are in good hands while enjoying your stint. You can also rent snow boards to have a go at skate boarding in the snow. Be careful with this as it may turn out to be physical at some point. As the saying goes, no pain no gain either.

During the adventures, you can also have a terrific view of the mountains, scenic visuals on top of the Himalayas. It really blows your mind away as theres' nothing quite like it because you're actually moving and jumping around the highest peaks in the entire world. Host Karuna Bhushan and our eccentric team Vihari led by illustrious captain Nitin Allagadda endured some of their best times in Himalayan ranges from Himachal Pradesh, Kullu valley, en route to Manali and the Pir Panjal point.

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