En route to Manali from Leh, Sarchu is a major halt point

En route to Manali from Leh, Sarchu is a major halt point

Manali and Leh are considered jewels of the Himalayan ranges due their independent aura and history. Already considered heavens on earth the towns offer your ecstatic pleasure and visual happiness during your tour. The mountains are scenic, the people are sweet and the adventures are over the top. It's a perfect trip to choose on the Himalayas as major parts of your itinerary. The Leh-Manali highway is a pretty long stretch of 400 kms and the roads and the area, even though beautiful usually are uninhabited. So, it's mandatory that you have a tight slick itinerary during the trip and need to have a stop to reboot yourself in the journey. Sarchu junction is a major halt point to stop, either to rest or take your time to get used to the mountain conditions which can become treacherous.

Sarchu is not just a halting point, but it also has tented accommodation for warm stay. The temperatures can go extremely low to even make you sick with conditions like AMS (Acute Mountain Sickness), and stopping over to get back to to your feet is mandatory if you really want to finish your journey or trip. Sarchu, as it is believed, is also one of the starting points to reach the Zanskar region of Ladakh which is well known for it's unfriendly climate and path. However Zanskar also offers you a highly popular White water river rafting that our team has successfully accomplished.

During the stop at Sarchu, host Karuna Bhushan and entire crew of Vihari The Traveller were greeted by the locals and owners of the accommodation tents warmly and it was nice to stay back and enjoy their services before gearing up for our adventures at Leh.

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