Leh Palace in Jammu and Kashmir epitomizes beautiful Tibetan architecture

Leh Palace in Jammu and Kashmir epitomizes beautiful Tibetan architecture

Very distinctive due to it's the middle age Tibetan culture and architecture, the Leh palace stands as a glittering crown jewel of Ladakh, Jammu and Kashmir. It was built by the rulers of the Namgyal Kings of Ladakh who wanted to have a royal house for themselves following the deeply intriguing Tibetan architecture. It's found all over the palace interiors and exteriors, and some say it even looks like a copy of the very illustrious Potala Palace In Tibet, which is a well known world heritage site and housed the Dalai Lama until the 1950s. Leh Palace though has, it's royal history carved with glory and defeat. The Kings had a golden history flourishing during the 17th to 19th centuries. They even have a monument dedicated to the warriors inside the Palace.

The walls of the palace are very high, and the palace is 9 storied tall itself, which lets visitors and tourists have a jaw dropping view of the valleys from one of it's top roofs. The Namgyal Kings had a bad times coming when the Dogra army of Ladakh attacked the Palace and took over it. The royal family had to take shelter away from the Palace and have been in exile ever since. Post the King era, the Palace has been in ruins and uninhabitable. Due to it's current situation, the Government overtook it's looking after responsibilities and has made it a heritage site due to it's remarkable architecture. The Palace grounds have been converted into an office by the Government administration and are using it for Archaeological conservation.

Team Vihari and host Karuna Bhushan present you the epic Palace and take you through to a round tour in this footage.

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