Thiksey Monastery is a great example to learn about Lord Buddha's birth, enlightenment and Nirvana

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Located at the mountain ranges of Jammu and Kashmir, Thiksey Monastery of Leh Ladakh is a symbol of peace, power and discipline descended directly from Lord Buddha's life and his teachings. The monastery is well known for the 8 different stupas (hemispherical structure) which refer to the 8 important periods of great Lord Buddha, who is the founder of the religious philosophy Buddhism.

Each stupa is a symbol for every major event in Lord Buddha's life. The Lotus Blossom for his birth, the enlightenment for Buddha's enlightenment during mid-age, stupa of many gates indicating Buddha's first teachings after enlightenment, stupa of descent from God, stupa of miracles, stupa of reconciliation, stupa of complete victory and finally the stupa of nirvana or death.

Thiksey Monastery or Gompa is the largest in central Ladakh and one of it's main interesting places is the Maitreya temple which was built after the visit of Dalai Lama in the 70s. The monastery closely resembles the Potala Palace in Lhasa, Tibet and has earned the nickname 'Mini Potala' from the monks and visitors.

Annually a trade fair Is held at the monastery which attracts villagers from all over Ladakh where they exchange goods and make business with each other.

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