Zanskar river rafting is breath taking and too fun to miss

Zanskar river rafting is breath taking and too fun to miss

Leh, Ladakh is considered one of the highest points of the Himalayan ranges and when we keep traveling from Leh to remote areas, we stumble upon the Zanskar river which during summer is home to one of the most exciting river rafting adventures due to the setting of high altitude. White water river rafting in Zanskar is considered both dangerous and entertaining. The rapid current on which one has to do rafting is certainly challenging. It's entertaining because there's nothing quite like it. At that height, the Zanskar river white water rafting is definitely 'rafting at the highest peaks'.

Winter makes the lake frozen and the river rafting is replaced with an alternate and temporary 'Ice Sheet trekking'. Zanskar river is a culmination of various different rivers that originate from different places and unite together to form a tributary river and ultimately connecting to the 'Indus' river. During the experience of river rafting along the Zanskar river, one can also enjoy the much acclaimed scenic beauty of the mountain ranges, the spectacular monasteries. On during rafting, the high turbulence of the river makes it a thrilling ride, but subsequently it's also a pleasant experience once the rapids subside.

Team Vihari along with our host Karuna Bhushan have experienced once in a life time adventure and are raring to give it a second chance. Pack your back packs, sun glasses, cameras and get ready to be thrilled to row the inflatable boats.

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