Visit the Wild Safari park A'Famosa in Malaysia - A'Famosa Animal World Safari in Malaysia

Malaysia Duration: 44 sec

A full blown artificial Safari park boasting of close to a hundred different species of animals, A'Famosa's zoo is the place to be to have loads of fun. A part of the homestay resort located in Malacca, Malaysia, the park has special presentations of birds, monkey island and more for pure enjoyment.

The Safari wonderland of A'Famosa is close to 150 acre in measurement and forms a small part of the huge area of the resort itself covering a golf course, a water theme park and villas.

Some of the entertainment comes in the form of a truck ride reminiscent of the original African Safari, where you can watch Elephants passing by, a walk through area to hold and cuddle many harmless animals like the Camel, Peacock, Swans, Rabbits and Sheep. Theres' also a chicken farm where there's a wide variety of the species for display and interaction.

Though we mention it's an artificial park, the experience makes you wonder if you have travelled across Africa, USA and East India. Do not miss this place if you're planning a trip and would be rolling down the South East Asian part of the world.

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