Buzzing port city Malacca in Malaysia is home to A'Famosa luxury resort

Buzzing port city Malacca in Malaysia is home to A'Famosa luxury resort

Once the commercial hub of Malaysia and almost all of Asia, Malacca, is now considered a tourist hub with it's bygone era of Portuguese culture influence and architectural buildings. One of them is the Portuguese fort A'Famosa which is the name of the modern wonder resort which is covered in total of around 1500 acre land and hosts a safari park, water world, a Freeport outlet, large golf course and much more. It's a famous holiday destination for families, couples and groups alike. Don't miss this in your itinerary for Malaysia country.

The resort's main attraction is the Safari wonderland that offers almost 1000 different species of animals for visitors to have a glimpse at. The variety of animals is staggering as they have a complete recreation of the African Safari and Indian Bengal Tigers together, a show put up by Sun bear, buffaloes, cats and dogs, and on the other hand they also have Sun Eagle, parrot and other birds area that is full of fun. They also contain a monkey island for kids and adults to have a look where Squirrels, monkeys and other species are kept. Visitors can also check a walk through area where camels, peacocks etc are present and you can even interact with them. Orangutans and lizards have their own sections too. It's a full blown artificial Safari park meeting other parts of the world.

A'Famosa is close to the capital city Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and is touted a main stop for business as well. The whole resort also comprises of a huge golf course where International events take place. The resort's lodging has villas, banquet halls, hotels, and much more. It's everything in one place. Host Karuna Bhushan and team Vihari thoroughly enjoyed the place and have successfully put it on tape for all of us to view it's glory.

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