Symbol of Victory and dedicated to Lord Vishnu, Vijaya Stambha is a fascinating Rajput tower

Rajasthan Duration: 44 sec

Within the huge expanse of the magnificient Chittorgarh fort of Rajasthan lies a symbol of pure valor, honor and victory "Vijaya Stambha". Translated to "Tower of Victory", it epitomizes the Rajput glory, courage, sacrifice and most importantly their architecture. Directly referencing the victory over Mughal armies of Muhammed Khilji, the tower was commissioned by Mewar King Rana Kumbha during the 15th century.

The tower was dedicated to Lord Vishnu, the Hindu God, and there are countless drawings and inscriptions of various other Hindu Gods and Goddesses can be seen on it. We can also see Hindustani musical instruments carved on the tower too at different places. While being strictly religious, King Rana also had the word 'Allah', the Muslim God's name inscribed at different storeys of the tower multiple times.

King Rana is considered one of the only Rajput rulers, under whom arts and culture flourished. An example to this is the inscriptions of his scholar's name on the tower. He also made sure the architect's and the latter's sons' who assisted in the design and creation of the tower names be inscribed on one of the highest storeys.

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