A Look At The Sci-Fi City And Street Dance In FreeStyle, Universal Studios

A Look At The Sci-Fi City And Street Dance In FreeStyle, Universal Studios

Anchor Karuna and team Vihari stumbled upon the illustrious Sci-Fi City of the Universal Studios in our expedition and yep, it was worth it and fully lives up to it's name. We are graced by the iconic Bumble Bee Chevrolet Camaro, characters of the film in full giant display and many other souvenirs from the popular Hollywood franchise. If you're a fan, you must not miss it. You will be made to get as close as you can and pose for selfies and group pics with your favorite characters. The Sci-Fi city has more to it. The Ultimate 3D ride will let you jump into the shoes of the character and gets you into action in a mind blowing 3D battle with the enemy forces.

Sci-Fi city totally lives up to the hype and name, there's even a roller coaster rides inside, and you not only battle the Decepticons in Transformers rides, but also face Egyptian mummies and other evil things like in the popular mummy film. It's heart pounding and totally badass. Don't miss them. And coming out of the arena, we get onto the streets and stumble upon a street dance show in American hip hop freestyle. Anchor Karuna, being a lover of dance, immediately gets into the groove and starts dancing on her own. The camera man's feet were also moving we must say. The dance choreography was that good, and those fellas were just awesome.

American freestyle is a very popular pop culture dance and is quite different to other forms of dances evidently. Post the dance show, the dancers greet the huge audience gathered there and allow them to take pictures along with them. Karuna doesn't want to miss the chance and immediately poses with them. The dancers are local boys and gave immense respect to the audience who took photographs with them by greeting them and wishing them. Our evening was filled with joy, and let's move on to other interesting areas of the park.

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