Far far away is a fun kid zone in Universal Studios where you meet Shrek, his lovely wife Fiona

Far far away is a fun kid zone in Universal Studios where you meet Shrek, his lovely wife Fiona

One of our favorite zones to visit in entire Universal Studios Singapore was the Shrek 4D adventure and King Harold's castle in "Far far away". This is an entire zone running the 4D show inside the outlandish and picturesque Castle just beside Shrek's hut. It's designed just like the movie and it's wonderful. The 4D show in the castle is an experience unique as there are many Shrek zones in many parks around the world, but not quite like this. Thereafter you are offered with 3D glasses in a theatre and are made to sit on mechanical seats that move when action happens. It's truly astonishing and you will be immersed and feel close to the characters of the movie, Donkey, Shrek and Princess Fiona. It's a perfect place for your kids or it's still perfect if you are a kid at heart ;)

The characters also come to life where you meet with the mascots wearing the costume. They are just perfect and interact with the kids while taking pictures along with them. Then there's another section in the castle called 'Donkey Live'. We missed that this time though as we were on schedule and couldn't capture all. One thing we caught was the Magic potion shop for toddlers and young kids. There's so much to check out for in here along with the Godmother Fairy. There's a Ferris wheel for kids to enjoy indoor and minified giant wheel. You will love this Castle zone and would definitely want to come back. It's that good for young ones and adults alike.

Another cool attraction is the roller coaster ride dubbed 'The Enchanted Airways'. Keeping up to it's name it's a charming little coaster for little kids and also young adults. The twists, dips and turns are tuned to be suiting kids and gives a startup coaster experience without making anyone's head spinning. The body of the coaster is in shape of a dragon and it's called the 'D380' named after the Airbus A380 mega airplane. Time to wrap things up and Karuna with team Vihari are out for more adventure zones

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