A world class Museum at Sentosa, Singapore with a marine theme and lots of attractions

A world class Museum at Sentosa, Singapore with a marine theme and lots of attractions

Away from the lavish Jurassic Parks and Hollywood cities in Universal Studios Singapore, we can move onto a unqiue Museum attraction in the same Sentosa Island. This Museum not only is well known for the ancient relic replicas, but also gets you immersed in the previous eras, especially the marine route of the Maritime Silk Route journey from Quanzhou to Malacca. The main cultures in the route is all depicted wonderfully spread over 15 themed galleries. The relics are also projected on a wall with excellent information about them, and the items themselves can be viewed fully from around. Especially the trading ships of Java and Borobudur are in exhibit here which are very Chinese and have a lot of history.

The different decks of the Museum, all encompass one or more specifics of the Silk Route era, few of which let you board a ship and immerse you making you travel into the past and do some incredible things like doing a full Journey looking at all important experiences the sailors of the era saw and went through. This experience is available at the Typhoon Theatre, also assumed as the Time Travel Theatre and is the favorite of all the tourists who come here. The low deck of the Museum has a learning section which is optimum for kids who want to know about sailing, the technical expertise required and the challenges posed to the sailor of a ship.

The museum has a free guided tour as there are willing guides to give you a full tour of all the galleries, time travel theatre, fun zones and the model gallery. One of the zones of the Museum has a "Escape from Pirate zone" that gets you inside a burning ship and you are surrounded by pirates all in projection. It tests your intellects as to how you can escape from them. There is even a zone recreates the old trading Maritime Silk Route connecting major ports of Quanzhou, Oman, Calicut and Malacca from the 14th century. This zone not only is visually ancient, but also physically as you will smell and the spices and the ship wood which is amazingly authentic. An important thing you will notice is how this Silk Route laid the foundation for the amazing advancement of Singapore in today's times. The museum opening hours are 10 am to 7 pm daily and the ticket fare is quite affordable, but be ready to pay little extra for the impeccable Typhoon Theatre experience.

Host Karuna and team Vihari thoroughly enjoyed this excellent and unique tour of Maritime Experiential Museum and give it two thumbs up for it's quality in hosting. We urge you to have this in your travel itinerary to Singapore.

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