Try out Rock Climbing at the Universal Studios Singapore for free of charge

Try out Rock Climbing at the Universal Studios Singapore for free of charge

A tribute to the 'Lost World Jurassic Park', USS, the Universal Studios Singapore organizers have an activity for Rock climbing on a structure depicting the fossilized remains of Dino skeletons for authentic reprisal of the classic hit film 'Jurassic Park'. The activity is free of charge since 2016 for all guests of the park and you cannot miss this at all, especially when there's something cool awaiting at the top when you reach. It's a treasure as told by the people at the site, but you never know what you get after reaching there. Host Karuna has given it a thought to do it, since she has done dozens of trekking activities in many of Vihari tours in the past. Let us see how she does it at the end in the video.

The Amber Rock Climbing is situated inside the 'Lost World Jurassic Park' zone of the park and wall is quite steep at 11 meters in height. There are also different levels where you can get all the help you need at the basic level, but as you go up help is reduced and you are on your own. As the climbing is free, and you are ready, you could try all just for the heck of it. Who doesn't like it? Also, as it's now obvious we will get a treasure by reaching top, multiple climbs makes sense. Climbing gear and shoe will be provided for optimum compatibility and you should sign the indemnity form for protection against unforeseen trouble as it's a brave sporting activity.

The best time to do Amber Rock climbing is when the sun has set with low temperature, as in the heat your energy can take a hit and it's dangerous to keep climbing even though there is a person looking out for you on the ground. Though it's not in our convenience to give you tips, usually you use your hind legs to push yourself up. The trainer there at the ground has all the better tips. Karuna has successfully climbed the top and wants to tell you what she got when she reached the top. Watch the video for more.

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