Universal Studios, Singapore Is The Only Hollywood Theme Park In Entire South East Asia

Universal Studios, Singapore Is The Only Hollywood Theme Park In Entire South East Asia

As crazy as it may sound, Singapore with all it's numero uno mighty infrastructure and many native Asian theme parks like the Marina Life Park and the Gardens by the Bay, also has a tribute to the western Hollywood American Movie Themed Parks, the Universal Studios in the Resorts World Sentosa on Sentosa Island. Home to the tallest of the Roller Coaster rides in entire world captivates your imaginations with the most popular movie themes like Battlestar Galactica and The Transformers Ride. There are many more rides you can only know about once you reach there and experience them first hand.

Universal Studios Singapore is spread across a large area that is almost half of the entire Sentosa Resorts World where it is located in. The breathtaking theme rides combine most popular ones across the world, but several of them are 'Singapore only' rides. A very famous ride is the Transformers Ultimate 3D Battle, which will put you in the shoes of the one of the characters and you fight the enemies in 3D. Listening to that itself is crazy, just look at our host Karuna going gaga over the ride in one of the exclusive videos of Sci-Fi City, the place where the ride is conducted. Another movie theme experience in the performance of Shrek and Co in 4D. It's totally immersive and applaudable and the kids will love it.

The park has other attractions like Night time parades and shows at dawn and replicas of American cities like New York where you get to see the full blown Manhattan Skyline and the subways there. There's even a Hollywood Walk Of Fame where you see replicas of the down town streets of the major American cities and give you a glimpse of them within the arena. Awesome right? Check out our other exclusive videos where host Karuna will go to all the major attractions in the Park and give you insights and information on how to experience them.

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