Flower clock or L'horloge fleurie is a marvelous piece of art

Flower clock or L'horloge fleurie is a marvelous piece of art

The flower clock in Geneva is a commendable piece of technical marvel and art. It symbolizes the affluent and booming watch industry. It's basically a garden of flowers, and the clock was only made up of more than 6000 different flowers before, but now has more to it. It's now made up of eight circles which change their colors every season. The flowers are also changed in intervals but the dimensions are kept intact.

L'horloge fleurie as it's locally called, is a famous tourism attraction in Geneva, which is the second largest city in Switzerland, after Zurich. Geneva is well known for it's watch industry. Popular brands like Rolex and Patek Phillippe have their production houses here in this city. The city has an international airport and has attracted many companies to have base in here. Going into the watch industry in a bit more detail, Geneva also is pioneer in making the 'first' kinds of watches like the first thinnest watch, first water resistant watch, most expensive watch and the first wrist watch. A big thanks to the watch industry in Geneva for introducing these for the people.

Our host Snigdha Voruganti with ever enthusiastic team Vihari have closely followed the heritage and the garden in person and are raring to share their experience with us in this video.

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