Ultimate visual treat of Switzerland mountains in the luxury train journey

Ultimate visual treat of Switzerland mountains in the luxury train journey

You must not have wondered how cool the Switzerland train rides are. They are absolutely spectacular in their own ways as the scenic mountains, glaciers and the alpine valleys all come under the journey giving your a visual treat throughout. The country has no shortage of natural beauty and it's all covered during the journey by giving a glimpse of the beautiful lake Lucerne as well on the way

Home to one of the highest railway tracks in the entire world, Switzerland's train rides offers stops at various historical junctures that you can visit for your enjoyment. There are many things you can do, like old age castles, churches and many lakes at Lugano station. The capital city Bern is a pretty important stop too and it's a no brainer. Geneva is an important stop too for it's technical industry and the chocolate shops. One of the steep higher stops you can make are the Pilatus Kulm that gives a rare view of the wonderful Alps mountains. It's really one of it's kind.

Switzerland, known especially for it's natural scenic mountains really stirs up one's imagination of what the nature offers, and the awesome train rides are a vibrant proof of that. Our Vihari team host Snigdha Voruganti have been to the rides and can't wait to share their experiences in the video.

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